Rediscovering Hobkirk's Hill  Archeological Reconnaisance & Computerization of Hobkirk's Hill
Proudly sponsored by The Kershaw County Historical Society
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ARCHH Project
History of the Battle
General Greene Ordering Cannon Off Hobkirk's Hill
General Greene ordering cannon off Hobkirk's Hill by Pamela Patrick White

Tour the Battlefield

Come to Camden and put yourself right in the middle of the action where General Greene and his hard-fighting Americans battled for the cause of independence against the British troops under Lord Rawdon.  Historical markers throughout Camden will take you through the locations of the fighting, the decisions that were made, and the critical impact that Hobkirk's Hill and Camden itself played in America's war for independence. Click the preview image below for a fully detailed tour of the Hobkirk's Hill battlefield.

Continental Army Shot
The ARCHH Team Needs Your Help!

We are in need of space near the Hobkirk's Hill/Camden, SC area that is secure and can be used for an artifact conservation lab and a temporary storage space.  We are also in need of the following materials:
  • Large graph paper for mapping
  • Metric 5-meter field tapes for all technicians
  • Notebooks for all field technicians (important for documentation)
  • Sharpies
  • A large clipboard (fitting the large graph paper)
  • An accurate laboratory scale [such as an O-Haus CS 200 scale]
  • A digital caliper (used in analyzing artifacts)
  • Picture hanging wire (stainless steel, single strand)
  • About 5 2-gallon plastic tubs
  • 1 box of Arm &Hammer detergent booster

If you are interested in helping in these areas or elsewhere with the ARCHH project please click on the "Feedback" menu above and then select "Send a question or comment".

The ARCHH team has been recognized by the Camden Historic Landmarks Commission with a 2007 Non-profit Organization Preservation Excellence Award and we thank the commission as well as the community for their support!

Camden Historic Landmarks Commission Award